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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Top Five Holiday Destinations

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By Wayne Bromiley

Now is the time to start thinking about treating yourself to a holiday, you know you deserve it. Picking that ideal holiday destination maybe a bit of a struggle, especially as there are literally hundreds of destinations from which to choose. As an experienced traveler, i can offer you some of my knowledge on this particular subject. In particular i have five holiday destinations to tell you about, all of which have been great holiday experiences for me.

Turkey- Turkey, to me was a fabulous holiday destination, i saw and did so much i didn't have time to get bored. Which is what anybody wants on a holiday. Turkey is a beautiful place to visit and the scenery is simply breathtaking. There are many outdoor activities to keep you busy while on holiday. You can take part on activities such as: Paragliding, yachting, ballooning, skiing and diving. If the active side of life seems a bit hectic for you, then Turkey's history, art and culture might be more up your street instead.

India- India is a beautiful place to holiday. In fact it's absolutely captivating. Once you visit India you know it's a place your never going to forget, with it's eclectic melange of ethnic groups, which translates into an intoxicating cultural mix for any traveler. The Taj Mahal in Agra is a wonderful building to visit, which incidentally took 22 years to build, well why rush something so beautiful. Travel across the Rajasthan dessert on safari by camel. Every moment on holiday here has something special to offer.

Greece- Greece is a place of natural outstanding beauty and is home to some world famous monuments such as: The Medieval City of Rhodes to the Temple of Epicurean Apollo. Greece is famous for many things like it's art and architecture, history, Olympics and Greek Mythology. Greece is not just a place to holiday but a learning experience too!

Spain- I have holidayed pretty much all over Spain and i found it to be a really great place to to visit. The locals are warm and friendly and really make you feel welcome, the summer time is probably the best time to holiday here, if it's the sunshine you go away for. You can also get a good balance of local culture and tourism depending on which city you decide to visit.

Caribbean- When it comes to amazing holidays, your definitely going to find it here. With it's sandy white beaches, lush tropical forests and the crystal blue seas, this is simply heaven on earth. There is much to enjoy, see and do here, the Caribbean islands have been captivating travelers for centuries and will probably carry on doing so for centuries to come.

I do hope i have helped you get a little closer to choosing your ideal holiday destination. Wherever you go, your sure to have a fabulous time.

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