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Friday, February 3, 2012

Different Hotels in Panama for the Business Traveler

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By Joshua Adekane

The choice of hotels in panama city come in different kinds. Hotels that have casinos are included in the selection. Also included are cheap hotel in Panama for those who don't want to spend a lot on accommodation.

The Casinos

These hotels in Panama city come in wide selection of choices where some won't even require you to pay lots of money. Some choices include Gran Hotel Solay & Casino with rooms at $103 per night or Central Park Hotel & Casino and Spa in the city center that charges $135/night.

The Business Oriented

If you are looking for a good hotel that is not as expensive as mainstream and multiple-starred ones but offer quality services and amenities, look for smaller hotels that have good reputations in accommodate business travelers like you are. One of which is Deville Hotel located in the city center and has a business center and health club and will cost about $108 a night. If you do an internet search you will find others conveniently located as well.

Budget Hotels

This can be one of a cheap hotel in Panama are B&B's and pension houses that offer a clean and peaceful night's sleep. Just because it is cheap doesn't mean it is an awful place to stay. A great example is the Baru Lodge in Panama City. It has a lovely garden area in the back where you can sit and enjoy the fine Panama weather and perhaps day dream or enjoy a book by a waterfall. It costs only $66 a night to stay in this lovely and peaceful place. There is also a wide selection of hostels that offer rooms with fresh beds and linens sans the food.

Boutique Hotels In Panama City

Hotels in Panama city which are considered to be boutique are located in some lovely areas of the city. Although more expensive than some of the budget hotels you might want to check in at Los Cuatro Tulipanes which is a lovely apartment like hotel in Casco Viejo. This hotel is not a high-end boutique but is just as lovely because the building has been around since the 17th century and has been renovated.

Accommodations with Swimming Pools

Some of the hotels with an outdoor swimming pool may also be a cheap hotel in Panama. Plus they may offer other amenities such as free parking or free internet service. Here are some budget hotels that have outdoor pools. The Coconut Lodge has an in ground pool, Jacuzzi and a tennis court for only $77 a night. Or consider Casa Las Cumbres B&B that offers a pool, a tennis court and a barbeque grill for only $72 a night.

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