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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What to do if you get ill on holiday

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By Gaz Wilding

Being on holiday should be a really enjoyable time and nobody wants to fall ill when they should be making the most of their time away. If it does unfortunately happen it can also be very stressful to be ill when away from home and where very few people speak the same language as you. What to do if you get ill when on holiday is something which everyone should really be aware of but which most people actually aren't.

Most holiday illnesses aren't anything to worry about and don't need a person to seek medical attention but it is important to first establish whether this is the case. Nausea and headaches aren't uncommon when people go on holiday and this is usually because they haven't drunk enough water to keep them hydrated. If you do suffer these symptoms then rehydrating is very important.

If you feel that you are more than just dehydrated then you may need to get further advice on what is wrong with you. Before going to a hospital it is sometimes worth speaking to a pharmacist as they will have seen most symptoms numerous times. If the pharmacist knows what is wrong they can prescribe you what you need or tell you what you need to do but if they don't then there is a good chance they will know if you need to go to hospital.

If a pharmacist can't provide you with what you need they will usually be able to tell you if it is serious enough for you to go to hospital. If this is the case then you should get to hospital as fast as possible as there are threats in foreign countries that we aren't used to in the UK and which you could possibly be allergic to.

Ideally you should be very well protected before you even leave to go on holiday and if it is somewhere where you need to be immunised for then you should absolutely have this done. You should also make sure you are insured for the cost of health care either through your European health insurance card or additional travel insurance.

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